June 2024

We are officially homeless!

Wow, what a weekend.

And in three weeks, Scott and I will be living out of a VAN in New Zealand. Until then, we are shacked up at my lovely Momma’s house.

Friday night was spent packing….and screaming at each other about various organizational disagreements. By midnight I was wondering if our relationship would survive the move, let alone make it to the trip!

By Saturday everything was OK. A few more disgruntled moments between Scott and I passed, but fortunately we didn’t have to spend much time together…since he was moving boxes with Don and his Dad and I was cleaning with my Mom. After about 10 hours of moving and cleaning, we were done. I was ready to crash and die, but my energetic beau REALLY wanted to go out for Halloween. So, I pulled it together (thank god for wigs) and got ready in 20 minutes at our new home in Millwoods. We jetted back to Whyte, to be picked up by Marc and Alysha and off to the bar we went.

I must admit, for my bah humbug Halloween self, I actually enjoyed it. I think it was the first time I’d been to the bar on Halloween in about 7 years. But it was fun! Great company makes the world of difference, I suppose. We ended the night decently early, and got dropped off at Origin India to get our last late-night takeout and walk of shame down the ave (damn, I’m going to miss that).

Sunday morning, we got up early and got the rest of the condo ready for the girls to move in. This included a final stroll back down the ave, for our weekend Starbucks routine. We met the girls at 11 and did the walk through…and I kept saying in a voice (disturbingly like my mother): “please take care of it! please!” to their irritated childlike unison “we will…”

I must admit I didn’t shed a tear, which made me happy. We spent the rest of Sunday unpacking while my concerned mother kept saying (in a voice disturbingly like HER mother): “WILL IT ALL FIT?!” In the end, it did…and we’re happily settled. Scott actually woke up at 7:15 a.m. and came to work with me, which is a complete change from the norm (no more 10:30 a.m. wake-up times!)…and we commuted back home together after a lovely 10 hour day. Our little car pool together made me almost enjoy life in Suburbia…

I think now the hardest part is done. I finally had the “oh shit” moment today when I realized that my life is already different and it’s just going to keep on getting more and more different. Three more weeks of “vacation” at mom’s house (including yummy mommy dinners) and then we’re off to something new. It’s so scary and crazy and huge that it’s pretty much incomprehensible to me at the moment…but – onwards and upwards! The show must go on!


3 comments to We are officially homeless!

  • Marc

    I have an idea…. Just don’t go. It seems like WAY too much work and you would rather be here.

    ***thinks in an inside voice by saying…. do you think they bought it? I’m really going to miss them. Shit, maybe I should be more supportive…. Nah forget it, like OPERA always says “think what you want first”.

    Tear ;(

  • Scott

    LOL to both Marc and Kenna. We’ll miss you too Marc.

  • Cheryl

    Just remember that when you are travelling and everything is a gong show, you will not also be working full-time, managing everyday life shit, going to the gym, etc. You will have way more time and energy, so you won’t be crabby and exhausted and wanting to kill each other. It’s just hard to turn your life upside down while you still have to maintain a routine. (I’ve thought about this extensively, because after last weekend, I’m worried that we will kill each other and/or have some sort of a mental health breakdown in South America. HAHAHA)

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