Culture Jolt of Java

Last we left off, we had boarded our bus to Java. The bus was actually quite lovely and luxurious – for the mere $20 per person we had paid, we got nice big seats that reclined nearly completely horizontal, a nice pillow and blanket, and a little box which contained a sweet bun and iced jasmine tea. We were pretty much the only Westerners on the bus, so it was clear that tourists don’t travel often to

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Ubud and Lovina

Balinese dancersYesterday, we awoke at our lovely and cheap hotel in Ubud with tea and boiling water waiting outside our room. What a nice surprise! As soon as we popped out of our hole, the guy at the front desk came up and asked us what we’d like for breakfast, as that was included, again, a really nice touch. A great day to start the long day we had ahead.

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Why We Love Asia

Today’s post comes inspired by the reasons why I truly love Asia. You bargain for things that aren’t accurate, boats come and go and sometimes forget you, and people will try to sell you anything. Even a newspaper that’s four months old.

A few days ago, we left the quiet seclusion of Gili Meno for the third

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Ballin' in Bali and Gili

Here we are in the Gili islands, a short boat ride from the island of Bali, and we’re pretty sure that if paradise exists, this is it. This morning, as we enjoyed a delicious local-grown coffee and fresh squeezed mango juice with pineapple pancakes, looking at the white sand blending to a beautiful green shallow sea, then grading to the deep blue, Kenna and I looked at each other

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