Mmmm... Malaysia

Our short time so far in Malaysia has been filled with two of our favourite things: hiking and eating. OK, hiking isn’t really one of our favourite things, we just seem to do it a lot and enjoy the payoff. Alas, I will begin.

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The Roaring Meg and Mighty Roy

The Roaring Meg

The Roaring Meg

Scott and I have had the pleasure of meeting two of Lake Wanaka’s great natural forces: Meg and Roy.

We arrived into Wanaka two days ago after the drive through the Haast Pass (which actually wasn’t so bad). We immediately went straight to the informaiton centre in town to see if we could book a sledging trip for the afternoon – we were in luck!

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Crossing the Mountain called Tongariro

This post is about my journey across the Tongariro Crossing, with an intro from Kenna.

The start of today came VERY early, as Scott and I wanted to leave Waitomo at a decent hour to be able to complete the Tongariro Crossing hike. We arrived around 11 a.m in National Park Village (the essential base camp for Tongariro) hoping to catch a shuttle which would take us to the trail head and then pick us up at the (quite far) trail tail. Unfortunately for us, there is only ONE shuttle per day at 7:15 a.m which picks folks up at 4 p.m on the other side. The lady told us “you’re far too late in the day to do the hike – it’s 19.7 km and takes most people about 8 hours. You should do it tomorrow.” Well, knowing that we have to drive to Wellington tomorrow to visit with family of mine, and the fact that we have a non-refundable trip booked on the ferry to the south island the day after, this was not possible. So, after some brain storming, we figured it was best if I didn’t partake in the hike anyway. I’m dead dog tired from trying not to die yesterday (and my body is sore to prove it), and I’m still not up to snuff to be very far from a decent washroom at any given moment…not mention my caloric intake is still not high enough to be participating in high impact activities (especially in consecutive days). I knew Scott wasn’t going to be happy if he didn’t do it, so we decided that we’d devise a plan to figure it out.

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