Australia Wrap-Up

Well, we sure have enjoyed our time in Australia.  So much so, that we had planned to spend one month there, and ended up spending almost six weeks.  But despite the great, fun six weeks of partying we’ve endured, we are thoroughly exhausted and ready for a vacation from our vacation.  Australia is just one

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The Northern Territory: The Real and Rugged Australia

Everyone thought we were crazy for coming to the Northern Territory in the “wet season.” Naturally, being the rain attractors that we seem to have become, we weren’t really worried. What are we, made of soap? A little rain wouldn’t hurt us, right?

Right. In fact, the wet season wasn’t really anything to be concerned about!

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Nemo, Turtles and Sharks – Life on The Great Barrier Reef

It feels like a lifetime ago since our last post – I’ll do my best to take up where I last left off.

Australia Day in Airlie Beach was fun, but nothing overly exciting to report…think of Whyte Ave on Canada Day, except that most of the crowd was international. We had a decently late night,

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Blown away in the Whitsunday Islands

We arrived in Airlie Beach from Bundaberg nearly a week ago – it’s hard to believe how much time has passed already.

Our first full day in Airlie was also fairly uneventful. We wandered around the town (of which there isn’t much) and spent some time at the Airlie Beach Lagoon. Now, this lagoon is pretty

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Mmm.... I love Rum and Turtles

Quick! What do rum and turtles have in common? They’re both made in Bundaberg!

After our hairy experience in Fraser Island, both of us were pretty fried and needed some alone time before heading to our next social experiment in the Whitsunday Islands, so we decided to stay in a smallish town called

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The Fraser Island Experiment Part II

Continued from Part I

That was probably when the tension began, and the social experiment started to go full force. The cool kids were identified (and consisted of the skin boarder guys and a few really cute girls) and the anal retentive ones emerged…which consisted of the Irish in our group. They cleared up all our

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The Fraser Island Experiment

It feels like we just got off some weird reality TV show/Gilligan’s Island experiment. Tag line: “One island. 10 people. One jeep. Four nationalities. How will they survive?”

Standing in the sand blow in Rainbow Beach

It all started off upon arriving in Rainbow Beach four days ago. We made it to our resort called

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Brizzie to Noosa

Last I left off, we were on our way to Brisbane, aka “Brizzie.” Our shuttle van thingie dropped us off at a transit centre, and having been so relaxed and lazy in Byron, I hadn’t even considered where we would be dropped, or where we had to go to our hostel. Very un-kenna…but I am

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Chillaxing in Byron Bay

Ok, starting to get caught up on blog posts here!

We arrived in Byron Bay after a long bus ride with the surfaris tour. After picking up the kids of the owner at a house, and dropping off Danny and Kyle (our surf instructors) at their house, we were off to the hostel. We stayed at

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Surfin' with Surfaris!

This post is only a week or so late, mostly because we haven’t had a spare moment to write it, we’ve been having too much fun! I have to say that the Surfaris trip was one of the most fun weeks of my life. It meshed so well with my personality – get

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