Last Days in Vietnam

Our last few days in Vietnam involved pure luxury. We flew for the first time since Singapore (yes, that is correct, we traveled by bus all the way from Singapore to Hoi An!). Normally we wouldn’t indulge in such a treat, but the flight was actually not much more expensive than the train, and we

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Ah, the friendly Vietnamese

We love Vietnam, mostly for the people. We just received this email from the guest house that we stayed at a few days ago. This is why we love Vietnam – everyone is so nice and polite.  No one at home would ever send us a personalized thank you for staying at their hotel

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Hoi An, You Took All My Money.

I have a problem. I’m pretty sure my wallet is suffering from depression. She has stopped exercising, she’s lost a lot of weight, and she doesn’t take joy in the same activities as she used to. Hoi An, I blame you, and the 23 kilos of materialistic consumption I indulged in while visiting

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La Cookaracha! La Cookaracha! Nanananana 'Nam....

Did you know that much of the Vietnamese language has a French influence, and that modern Vietnamese writing uses the Roman alphabet? This has been a bit of a relief for us, because now we can kind of tell what is going on around us, as opposed to the cryptic Thai and Khmer

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Good Morning, Vietnam!

Getting to Vietnam was supposed to be easy. And it probably would have gone off without much excitement, except for the news we received upon arriving at the bus station in Phnom Penh….

The Bus Mix-up in Phnom Penh

We decided to exit Cambodia on the Cambodian Buddhist New Year – not the

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