Planes....Trains....and Hospitals?

First blog post from outside Canada! Woot!

Tonight’s entry comes to you via a 48-hour famished, sleep deprived gal. Why, may you ask? Well, I (Kenna) had quite the ordeal yesterday.

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Tales from a Lady of Leisure….

Are we there yet?

Ok, you’re probably wondering why I’m blogging when I’m still in Canada and I have nothing exciting to report. Well, that’s pretty much why: I’m kind of underwhelmed…and am finding the mundane details in life somewhat hilarious. I am currently feeling the need to diarize these so that when I am having some sort of crazy experience overseas and want to come home, I can read this and be reminded of why I chose to go on this crazy (exciting?) adventure.

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We are officially homeless!

Wow, what a weekend.

And in three weeks, Scott and I will be living out of a VAN in New Zealand. Until then, we are shacked up at my lovely Momma’s house.

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Now the adventure has really begun...and we haven't even left our jobs.

Tonight, we are living in tenant hell.

Upon arriving home this evening, I discovered a message from Bob, our snakeskin-boot-wearing, barbel-mustached, fun-lovin’ cowboy from Minnesota, which was something to the effect of “…work let go…hopefully you can find someone else…please call soon.”

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And the adventure begins...

Well, we’re a month out from our trip now, and I feel like the journey has already begun! The toughest part of our Edmonton “leg” is complete – we’ve rented our condo. Which proved to be a VERY interesting experience.

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