Final Assessment: The End of the Excellent Adventure...for now.

Foot-loose and fancy-free with Happy Diwali!

Foot-loose and fancy-free with Happy Diwali!

Why must all great things come to an end?

Well, since being home ,the first question most people ask us is “what was your favourite place?” And as crazy as it sounds, we can’t pick one. Every country had something different and amazing to offer, and I think the order in which we experienced them influenced our opinion as well. I’m grateful for every experience, whether big or small, pleasant or painful, that we had – all moments have added up to form the total sum of one of the best six months in my life.

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Australia Wrap-Up

Well, we sure have enjoyed our time in Australia.  So much so, that we had planned to spend one month there, and ended up spending almost six weeks.  But despite the great, fun six weeks of partying we’ve endured, we are thoroughly exhausted and ready for a vacation from our vacation.  Australia is just one party after another – everyone around is fairly young, in contrast to New Zealand where we felt on the young side of things, and pretty much everywhere you go, you’re expected to get as wasted as possible and party hard.  Most hostels we stayed at were allied in some way with a bar, and it was expected that you should be drinking until the early hours and didn’t deserve peace and quiet until well after midnight, which caused us to sleep less than I would have liked.  Case in point – since Australia day 2 weeks ago, Kenna and I have consumed exactly 2 drinks each.  That’s how burned out we are.  But really, here I am complaining that Australia is too much of a good time – poor us.

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New Zealand Wrap-up

IMGP4735Despite the less-than-stellar weather and many nights huddled in Happy Diwali wishing that we were leaving for Australia’s hotter weather sooner, we only have fond memories of New Zealand. It’s such a diverse place, in terms of geography, with the subtropical Bay of Islands and volcanic areas of Rotorua on the North Island, to the beautiful mountains and Fjords in the South Island. It’s really tough for anyone visiting to not be constantly entertained and have a great visit. And despite its slightly less technological feel, in many ways, that’s an endearing quality, to be able to escape to a somewhat simpler time and let you get away from the always-on life we’ve become accustomed to. In that same respect, the people of New Zealand are generally amongst the nicest I’ve met, always very friendly, happy, and accomodating, harkening back to a more innocent age.

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