May 2024

Now the adventure has really begun...and we haven't even left our jobs.

Tonight, we are living in tenant hell.

Upon arriving home this evening, I discovered a message from Bob, our snakeskin-boot-wearing, barbel-mustached, fun-lovin’ cowboy from Minnesota, which was something to the effect of “…work let go…hopefully you can find someone else…please call soon.”

WTF? Most of our shit is packed up and we’re ready to rock!! He can’t back out now! We have an agreement signed!

So, I call Scott, tell him the bad news and ask him to come home immediately so we can deal with this. I spend the next 30 minutes freaking out. In the meantime, Scott called a potential renter back, and emailed our University student, Anna Bramucci, seeing if her and Laura would still be interested.

Upon Scott arriving home, we call Bob. Several phone calls ensue, whereby Bob insists he is going to demand his job back tomorrow (he was let go from the Scottsford project), and if not, Kent will find a roommate with “some dude.” Uhm, no. “Some dude” could be a douchebag 25-year-old sheet metal worker…just like the ones we interviewed previously and tore up their applications.

While this is going on, Anna calls back. Wants the place. Wants it TONIGHT, because they were moving their stuff tonight somewhere else. Another flurry of calls with Bob take place, whereby we finally come to the agreement that it would be best for them to find something else given their employment instability, and for us to go with the other tenants.

We get in the car, go to the bank, get the deposit back. Go over to their hotel…10:15 p.m. Come home…Bob had given us a photocopy of the lease – no dice…we need the real one back for contractual agreement purposes. Scott gets in the car and goes BACK.

At this point, Anna is coming over to MOVE HER SHIT IN. May as well, it’s already box city in here, right?! Well, she just called and is too tired. Thank god. Hopefully she comes with a deposit tomorrow and this will all be done with.

Scott and I looked at each other tonight and said “is this worth it? Should we be doing this? We have 6 months of shit (adventures?) like this ahead of us.” Cold feet are apparently settling in…let’s just pray we get on the plane.

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