Final Assessment: The End of the Excellent Adventure...for now.

Foot-loose and fancy-free with Happy Diwali!

Foot-loose and fancy-free with Happy Diwali!

Why must all great things come to an end?

Well, since being home ,the first question most people ask us is “what was your favourite place?” And as crazy as it sounds, we can’t pick one. Every country had something different and amazing to offer, and I think the order in which we experienced them influenced our opinion as well. I’m grateful for every experience, whether big or small, pleasant or painful, that we had – all moments have added up to form the total sum of one of the best six months in my life.

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Hello China...and Canada!

It feels weird to be writing this when we’ve been home for nearly two weeks, but the memories MUST be documented. So alas, here I go.

Coming home turned out to be a bit of a complicated affair, thanks to I highly do not recommend buying anything from them after what happened to us!

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Last Days of the Adventure

After Pai, Chiang Mai felt like a gigantic frantic city. Having not dropped the strange shopping disorder Scott and I have developed, we spent the evening at the Night Bazaar shopping. We were also hoping to do one last cooking class – we’ve had such amazing Indian food on this trip that we figured it would be ideal – but after calling and getting a busy signal for days we thought we’d pop in on them. When we arrived, we found a locked gate and a dark place and it was only 8 p.m. – I think maybe they’ve closed down. That was a terrible disappointment, because there was nothing else we were really interested in doing there. The temple on the hill (the ONLY temple we wanted to see) was under construction; there was a tiger sanctuary where you can get your picture taken with a “sleeping” tiger (probably drug-induced), which sounded cool, but we didn’t want to support drugging those beautiful beasts; besides that, the only thing to do in Chiang Mai is elephant riding and hill tribe tours, and we’d already dismissed doing any of those.

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Life of Pai

So there we found ourselves – stuck on a boat in the Pacific ocean with a tiger. With nothing but turtles to eat and sea water to distil into drinkable water. We would lie on the edge of the boat, trying not to disturb that majestical beast. Whoops, that’s Life of Pi…not Life of Pai – sorry, wrong story!

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