August 2021
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Hoi An, You Took All My Money.

I have a problem. I’m pretty sure my wallet is suffering from depression. She has stopped exercising, she’s lost a lot of weight, and she doesn’t take joy in the same activities as she used to. Hoi An, I blame you, and the 23 kilos of materialistic consumption I indulged in while visiting you. Let me start at the beginning.

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La Cookaracha! La Cookaracha! Nanananana 'Nam....

Did you know that much of the Vietnamese language has a French influence, and that modern Vietnamese writing uses the Roman alphabet? This has been a bit of a relief for us, because now we can kind of tell what is going on around us, as opposed to the cryptic Thai and Khmer symbols we were used to seeing everywhere. But it also has it’s downsides too – sometimes we learn things that we don’t want to know.

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Good Morning, Vietnam!

Getting to Vietnam was supposed to be easy. And it probably would have gone off without much excitement, except for the news we received upon arriving at the bus station in Phnom Penh….

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Li-hai Cambodia

After our wonderful time in Siem Reap, it was time to move on. And move on we did, with an overnight bus to the southern beach paradise of Sihanoukville. The bus itself, however, was no paradise.

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Stories of Cambodia

We spent our first morning in Cambodia relaxing before taking on an afternoon cooking class. Scott went to fetch us some coffee, and who did he meet? Our Camry cab driver from Poipet, who recognized him, and was looking for a JOB! C’mon buddy!! You fed us to the tuk-tuk drivers (of which, by the way, there are millions everywhere asking you “TUK-TUK” every 5 meters)!!

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Toto, we're not in Thailand anymore...


After spending 12 hours on a boat/bus combination, we were thrilled to arrive in Bangkok at the wee hour of 1:30 a.m. All I can say is THANK GOD I have been to Bangkok before…or I may have had a stress induced heart attack upon arrival.

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Full Mooner

Last time we wrote, we were bidding adieu to our beloved paradise-no-more, and heading to the opposite side of the island, to a beach called Chao Phao. We took an uneventful taxi ride back to the pier where the boats arrive, and then we were to transfer to another taxi to take us on to Chao Phao. At the pier, we arrived to a deserted parking lot (the pier is usually teeming with freshly arrived travellers) and only a few taxis, one of which beckoned us in to head to our destination. He said it would leave in 5 mins and would cost us 150 baht. Well, 20 mins later, nothing had changed, and we hadn’t moved. I got out to ask the guy what was going on, to which he replied “5 mins, we go”. A few minutes later, another few people got on the taxi, but they were heading to the completely opposite side of the island than we were; this wasn’t right. Again I got out and asked the guy what was going on: “two taxis.” What? We were so confused, but then the taxi started to move, and drove about 10 meters, across the parking lot, and told everybody but us to get out and move to another taxi. Progress! But wait. “You now have to pay 200 baht”. What? Because there was only two of us, it was now more expensive, and we hadn’t left half an hour ago like he had promised; we were pissed. Ah, Thailand.

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The Demise of Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi

The pilgrimage of our 2006 trip continues; however, sadly not to the same degree of awesomeness we experienced in Ko Tao.

Ko Samui

We decided to kill a few days in Ko Samui before heading off to Phangnan for the full moon party…mostly to meet up with Nathalie and Emily, our British friends that we met on our surf trip in Australia. They had booked themselves into a hotel on Lamai beach, so we took off in hopes that there would be a room for us there as well.

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The 12 Steps to the Perfect Day

Last time we wrote, we were beginning a long and relaxing boat ride on our way to Ko Tao; and so begins a repeat of our 2006 trip to Thailand. In 2006, we visited Thailand’s western paradise islands (Ko Samui, Ko Phangan and Ko Tao) for almost 10 days, and landing in Ko Tao marked the beginning of the revisit to paradise.

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From Ranong to Burma to Ko Tao

Our bus from Phang-Nga to Ranong was only supposed to be three hours…which somehow morphed into five. Only in Asia does it take five long bumpy hours to travel 215 kilometres. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. The bus system here is highly inefficient, and in order to make the best profit possible, the bus continually starts and stops to drop off and pick up people in often highly remote areas of the Country. This also makes it difficult to sleep on a bus – most of us are conditioned to wake up every time a bus stops so as not to miss where we are supposed to get off. This, coupled with really horrible Thai music playing (I don’t think we’ve heard any decent music since we left Australia….what is hot in music now? I truly have no idea), and it all combines to leave me a very grumpy girl.

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