May 2024

Back to the Land of the Thais

After our “adventure” with the Gibbons experience, there was only one thing we wanted to do – chill out. But, the small town which was the jumping-off spot for the Gibbons Experience, Huay Xi, was just a little too chilled out for us (i.e., extremely boring and nowhere and nothing to do to

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Lovely Little Landlocked Laos

Laos has been a really nice change of pace – compared to Vietnam and Thailand, this place is the most chilled out country ever. In fact, the local joke here is that the official name of Lao PDR (People’s Democratic Republic) really stands for Lao – Please Don’t Rush. But really, what do you expect

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Ah, the friendly Vietnamese

We love Vietnam, mostly for the people. We just received this email from the guest house that we stayed at a few days ago. This is why we love Vietnam – everyone is so nice and polite.  No one at home would ever send us a personalized thank you for staying at their hotel

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Li-hai Cambodia

After our wonderful time in Siem Reap, it was time to move on. And move on we did, with an overnight bus to the southern beach paradise of Sihanoukville. The bus itself, however, was no paradise.

At around 7 PM, a tuk-tuk came and picked us up from our hotel, drove us

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Full Mooner

Last time we wrote, we were bidding adieu to our beloved paradise-no-more, and heading to the opposite side of the island, to a beach called Chao Phao. We took an uneventful taxi ride back to the pier where the boats arrive, and then we were to transfer to another taxi to

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The 12 Steps to the Perfect Day

Last time we wrote, we were beginning a long and relaxing boat ride on our way to Ko Tao; and so begins a repeat of our 2006 trip to Thailand. In 2006, we visited Thailand’s western paradise islands (Ko Samui, Ko Phangan and Ko Tao) for almost 10 days, and landing in Ko

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Touring Little Phang-Nga

I sell dreams. If people knew that behind me as I photographed this sunset, there were shanty houses, garbage strewn everywhere, toilets dumping into the ocean below, tsunami warning signs and the Muslim prayer blaring on the speakers, I don’t know what they would think. It’s really hard for

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Sim Sim Similans...

I’m a little worried that after the big bombshell of the last blog post, people are going to be bored with this slightly less eventful one. 🙂 I suppose movie-scene proposals can’t happen everyday, however…

Some Thais Lie.

After an eventful couple of days in Koh Phi

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We arrived in Singapore from Jakarta literally covered in mud and dirt (and feeling much too filthy to be in such a clean and trendy city); a result of having stayed the night in a fairly gross hotel in Jakarta, and having walked through a lot of mud on the flooded streets of Jakarta in search of food. Needless to say, we were not impressed with

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Ubud and Lovina

Balinese dancersYesterday, we awoke at our lovely and cheap hotel in Ubud with tea and boiling water waiting outside our room. What a nice surprise! As soon as we popped out of our hole, the guy at the front desk came up and asked us what we’d like for breakfast, as that was included, again, a really nice touch. A great day to start the long day we had ahead.

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