A Day to Remember

The day started off innocently enough…

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth (Seriously)

We awoke in the morning to a glorious breakfast served at our restaurant on the hill overlooking the beautiful Ko Phi Phi bay. Scott was toying around with the idea of chartering a private long tail boat to take us to Phi Phi Ley, a small island nearby which is renowned for its beauty and the home of the famous Maya Bay that served as the idyllic paradise in the movie “The Beach.” A 3-hour long-tail boat all to ourselves was a steal at $40 – cheap, yes, but keep in mind we are living on a very small budget here in Asia…and it seemed kind of expensive to us. Haha. We thought we’d find some people to share it with us, since the price didn’t change with more people. After approaching a few folks who declined, we decided to go to the beach for some R&R and go on the boat later. Little did I realize, Scott had a plan and actually didn’t want us to share the boat – so he cringed every time I made a friend on the beach and asked if they wanted to go. Fortunately for him, I didn’t find anyone. 🙂

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Oh Thailand, How We've Missed You!

Like seeing an old friend again, we held our arms open to Thailand upon arrival. It seems, however, Thailand was unhappy that we hadn’t kept in touch – it gave us a half-hearted welcome in the form of a puny 14-day visa. What is up with that? Thailand, why must you do this to us?!

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Mmmm... Malaysia

Our short time so far in Malaysia has been filled with two of our favourite things: hiking and eating. OK, hiking isn’t really one of our favourite things, we just seem to do it a lot and enjoy the payoff. Alas, I will begin.

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K & L Reunited in KL

The best parts of the past few days has been hanging out with fellow Canadians who we already KNOW (and although I do love meeting new people, it was quite nice to not go through the normal progression of new person questions…”where are you from?” “what do you do?”), and who have a home that we could crash at for a few days. Before I get into the wonders of Kuala Lampur, I must begin at the beginning…from our descent back into the third world in Malaysia.

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We arrived in Singapore from Jakarta literally covered in mud and dirt (and feeling much too filthy to be in such a clean and trendy city); a result of having stayed the night in a fairly gross hotel in Jakarta, and having walked through a lot of mud on the flooded streets of Jakarta in search of food. Needless to say, we were not impressed with

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Culture Jolt of Java

Last we left off, we had boarded our bus to Java. The bus was actually quite lovely and luxurious – for the mere $20 per person we had paid, we got nice big seats that reclined nearly completely horizontal, a nice pillow and blanket, and a little box which contained a sweet bun and iced jasmine tea. We were pretty much the only Westerners on the bus, so it was clear that tourists don’t travel often to

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Ubud and Lovina

Balinese dancersYesterday, we awoke at our lovely and cheap hotel in Ubud with tea and boiling water waiting outside our room. What a nice surprise! As soon as we popped out of our hole, the guy at the front desk came up and asked us what we’d like for breakfast, as that was included, again, a really nice touch. A great day to start the long day we had ahead.

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Why We Love Asia

Today’s post comes inspired by the reasons why I truly love Asia. You bargain for things that aren’t accurate, boats come and go and sometimes forget you, and people will try to sell you anything. Even a newspaper that’s four months old.

A few days ago, we left the quiet seclusion of Gili Meno for the third

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Ballin' in Bali and Gili

Here we are in the Gili islands, a short boat ride from the island of Bali, and we’re pretty sure that if paradise exists, this is it. This morning, as we enjoyed a delicious local-grown coffee and fresh squeezed mango juice with pineapple pancakes, looking at the white sand blending to a beautiful green shallow sea, then grading to the deep blue, Kenna and I looked at each other

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Australia Wrap-Up

Well, we sure have enjoyed our time in Australia.  So much so, that we had planned to spend one month there, and ended up spending almost six weeks.  But despite the great, fun six weeks of partying we’ve endured, we are thoroughly exhausted and ready for a vacation from our vacation.  Australia is just one party after another – everyone around is fairly young, in contrast to New Zealand where we felt on the young side of things, and pretty much everywhere you go, you’re expected to get as wasted as possible and party hard.  Most hostels we stayed at were allied in some way with a bar, and it was expected that you should be drinking until the early hours and didn’t deserve peace and quiet until well after midnight, which caused us to sleep less than I would have liked.  Case in point – since Australia day 2 weeks ago, Kenna and I have consumed exactly 2 drinks each.  That’s how burned out we are.  But really, here I am complaining that Australia is too much of a good time – poor us.

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