June 2024

Tales from a Lady of Leisure….

Are we there yet?

Ok, you’re probably wondering why I’m blogging when I’m still in Canada and I have nothing exciting to report. Well, that’s pretty much why: I’m kind of underwhelmed…and am finding the mundane details in life somewhat hilarious. I am currently feeling the need to diarize these so that when I am having some sort of crazy experience overseas and want to come home, I can read this and be reminded of why I chose to go on this crazy (exciting?) adventure.

First, kudos to Scott for finally getting our inspirational picture up here (still lots of work to go on making it spiffy though…check back often for more techie improvements!) – you are now all looking at our favourite beach from our last trip to Thailand. New mission: to find a more amazing place in this world. Mission possible? We shall soon see. We do plan on heading back to this lovely place to see how it is holding up and to see what has come of the puppy litter that was born right before we arrived there 3 years ago!

As many of you know, I officially ended my job on Tuesday. I thought that I would feel more relieved at this great feat – no more reports, clients, meetings…but the days actually turn out to be pretty long when you’re not running around with your head chopped off. I think it’s also a bit traumatizing to go 180 miles per hour to 20…relaxing: yes, exciting: no. Perhaps I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkine.

Anyway, now I’m basically a desperate housewife in my parent’s house. Awesome. I don’t even have to clean because we have TWO (yes two) house cleaners here. One is very odd and when I told her I was going grocery shopping yesterday, she told me to buy parmesan, even though there are 3 parmesan containers in the fridge. I thought she was supposed to clean the house, not scope out the fridge?? Or at least she could request some sort of cleaning utensil or solution? But parmesan? Seriously?

Well, at least I have my volunteering still, right? Sort of. So today I’m all pumped up…driving the car I used to drive when I was 17…cruising with Madonna’s Immaculate Collection providing the soundrack to my life…envisioning myself as Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles…belting out “Like a Prayer”…on my way to go downtown to mentor (did I mention I hate the drive from Suburbia? Where’s my bike?!). I even brought Scott lunch on my way there. (Yep, desperate housewife). Normally I go mentoring on Tuesdays, but was there on a Friday since Tuesday was my last day of work. Ty* and I did our usual math/reading routine for about 40 minutes, when it appeared that the gym was free for the last 20 (it’s normally in use). So, we go play some soccer, when all of a sudden, 25 screaming kids and bigger high school kids come running in to play dodgeball. Instantly, Ty is in heaven and I am in hell. Why aren’t these big kids reading with the little kids? Work first, play after, right?!

Ty joins in the dodgeball game while I, feeling slightly panicked, stand and watch (I’m horrified and feeling like an old fart and it probably didn’t help to convince Ty that I really am only 26 and not 42 like he thinks I am). This goes on for approximately 2 minutes when I look up to the clock, and feeling very relievd, notice that our 1 hour session is up. Time to go. So I’m trying to get him out the gym and back to class and the attitude kicks in. Ty is all like “I’m not leaving, I’m playing.” Oh the joys of 9-year-old pre-pubescent children. I say to him: “Ty, it’s time to go. The hour is up.” Doesn’t budge, gives me a 9-year-old evil eye, and turns around and keeps playing. What the hell do I do? It’s time for him to go back to class, but the allure of this silly game with big kids has sucked him in to a vortex. I have no choice but to go get the mentoring supervisor lady to help me get him back to class. I look like the meanest old lady mentor of all history. Ty scowls at me as I disappointingly say “see you next week.” My heart is broken – we only have one more week together before I go and I look like a jerk and he hates me. Shoot.

I suppose it could be worse. At least I’m younger than Scott…poor sucker had a birthday yesterday. The late twenties have officially arrived, and we’re one step closer to 30 and one step closer to the trip of a lifetime. I’m pretty ready just to get on that damn plane. Just over one week left…hopefully I’ll be too busy with last minute details to blog until then.


*Name has been changed to protect childhood anonymity

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