June 2024

Ah, the friendly Vietnamese

We love Vietnam, mostly for the people. We just received this email from the guest house that we stayed at a few days ago. This is why we love Vietnam – everyone is so nice and polite.  No one at home would ever send us a personalized thank you for staying at their hotel for 2 nights.

Dear Mr Scott Montgomerie,

I am Miss Hang at Hanoi Guesthouse. On behalf of our hotel members, I would love to send our Sincere Thanks for your staying at our hotel. We wish that you would have a great trip in Viet Nam and a safe journey back home. All of Hanoi Guesthouse staff miss both of you so much already. Both of You are very kind, friendly, easy-going and polite. We are so lucky to have your stay. We shall never forget both of you. We are looking forward to seeing both of you in the near future for your honey moon or wedding anniversary with a your kids- a football team.
Did you have a nice stay in our friend hotel? Did they treat you well? During your time with us, if something still made you unhappy, please, sympathy with us.

We hope that you did enjoyed your stay with us at Hanoi Guesthouse. Wished to see you the next time whenever you come back Hanoi.

Many thanks once again for your great help !

Expecting your next visit and Have a next great trip !

Sincerely yours,
Miss Hang & Team.

2 comments to Ah, the friendly Vietnamese

  • Meredith

    I am behind on my blog reading! VERY BEHIND! 😉

    This is the cutest thing ever!

  • To Kien

    It’s really nice reading this, dude! Just love it! 🙂

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